That’s $1 Billion with a B: Bay State Hits Cannabis Sales Milestone

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Massachusetts is a small state that punches well above its weight in the Cannabis world—and now it has the receipts to prove it.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) announced this month that adult-use Cannabis retailers rang up over $1 billion in gross sales since the first two adult-use stores in the state (and on the East Coast) opened for business on November 20, 2018.

The billion-dollar milestone is on target with original sales forecasts and was achieved in spite of COVID-19 severely restricting sales this past Spring.

The Bay State’s 80 Cannabis retailers hit the billion-dollar mark on October 30, 2020. Over the same first-year period of adult-use or recreational Marijuana sales, from November 2018 to November 2019, 33 Marijuana retailers rang up nearly $394 million in gross sales. Over the full 2019 calendar year, Massachusetts Cannabis retailers earned $445 million in gross sales. In comparison, California’s legal recreational sales in 2019 totaled more than $3 billion.

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