Ready, Set, Grow: Industry set to expand with more license holders, home delivery options

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As of November 2020, the Bay State’s Cannabis adult-use retailers have already raked up some $539 million in gross sales, despite the two-month shutdown.

Since the state’s first two adult-use Marijuana retailers opened in the fall of 2018, 80 more applicants have been approved by the CCC, while an additional 201 Marijuana Retailers have achieved provisional or final license approval. In all, there are 688 Marijuana Establishments in Massachusetts, creating a vibrant ecosphere of “Cannabis Cultivators, Product Manufacturers, Independent Testing Laboratories, Microbusinesses, and Medical Marijuana and Adult-Use Marijuana Retailers.”

Massachusetts is also rolling out home delivery of Cannabis and Cannabis products to recreational and adult-use customers. Communities harmed most by the war on drugs will have exclusive access to Marijuana Courier and Marijuana Delivery Operator licenses for the next three years.

To ensure that supply meets demand, the state now has 40 Cultivators with a combined growing capacity of 1.26 million square feet—that’s a mere 29 acres, or 26 football fields’ worth of bud canopy—a small crop with a powerful economic punch.

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Explore the data:Visit the Cannabis Control Commission website

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